a new spot


Slowly over the next month I will be taking new photos for my Etsy shop. A couple years ago I re-shot my items to all have a cohesive white background. The white background really made my items pop, a very important thing for anyone who sells their products on the web. But I am getting a little burnt out on seeing the same minimalist look of a white background that everyone seems to have these days. So Owynn and I went scouting yesterday for a new spot to take photos. The old farm next door has a barn that has a great wall of sun-washed fir siding. I think it will make the perfect backdrop for my items. I do not have as much time as I used to have so when I used to switch backgrounds I would do it all at once but life is different now so my plan is over the next month to get my shop slowly updated with a new look. I think it is is good to keep things new and fresh, always changing… As a maker I get bored making the same items over and over so when time allows I change designs, and create new ones. It is always a bit sad to see favorite items lots in the dust but sometimes I bring them back updated.

~The bags above I made for the farmers market this weekend, but hoping to get them in the shop soon. Feel free to email me if you would like to purchase either of them!