daily shots


I feel as if my blog has changed a lot since Owynn's been born. I go back and forth on which direction to take it. More about my business or more about my personal life... I do not have the time like I used to for my blog but that does not mean I still do not enjoy it. I often sit down at the end of the day a few times a week and just type and collage together whatever photos I have taken that week. But maybe this is boring. I wish to paint a picture of my life, for you all to know who is making the bags you are using, I want this to be a journal for my family and I to look back on and a place for me to reflect on life and the simple moments it brings. So here is another array of random shots from our week just to get a glimpse of my life and hopefully it it somewhat interesting. As always thanks for checking in and reading my posts! Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are! The sun is shining everyday and we are loving it!


~A  new cardholder I added to my shop this week. Made with vegetable tanned leather. Click here to check it out!