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il_570xN.603885078_cuy5il_570xN.597124712_c3ypil_570xN.609423343_4kh8 I wish I could say I only buy from thrift shops but I don't. I have gone through phases in my life where I would try and only purchase recycled items but since moving back to the island I sorta fell out of that routine. We have a couple small thrift stores and an amazing "take it or leave it" but I never manage to make the time to visit them. When off-island I always try and stop at the crazy/ big Value Village or Goodwill but since having Owynn I rarely leave the island. I really want to try and get back into the routine in only buying used / handmade again. I am not going to make any rules for myself and of course there are times when buying new is better, especially with the basics but I am ready to get back into my thrifting ways.

Recently I got lost in the amazing selection of Vintage Etsy shops and thought I would share a few of my favorites while I am on the subject of thrifting. I have to say there is nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect wool cardigan for 5 bucks even if it took an hour. When you find something good it is always worth the search and I think the search is the best part.

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Standard Edition vintage shop

Barnaby Jack  vintage shop

Ethanollie vintage shop

Fireweed and Nettle vintage shop

BonnBonn vintage shop

Fenix Vintage shop

Hello Hound Vintage shop 

Twig and Spoke vintage shop

I gathered about 20 different shops but went through and narrowed down my favorites at the moment. Any favorite online vintage shops you would recommend?


* Photos above are taken from Standard Edition, Ethanollie, Ocean Swept and Barnaby Jack vintage shops