I have been pretty out of touch for the past 9 months with the whole week/weekend routine that I was once so familiar and attuned with. Once the babe arrived it all went out the window. Little by little I have been trying to piece together a new weekly routine. Because in the past 9 months any free time was spent cleaning the house or working on my business.

Now that Owynn is old enough to spend a few hours away from me a couple times a week I am managing to get the delightful old feeling  of when Friday rolls around and I know my machine will be quiet for the next day or two. This weekend we spent lots of time outside, watching Owynn crawl, fixing our chickens house and we managed to go on a few hikes. Oh and we made some really yummy meals with lots of our own garden veggies. It was a mellow weekend around the property but it felt good to take the time to work on a few things I had been putting off. Weekends are my new free time and I hope they stay that way.