our little garden plot

DSCF4875DSCF4853DSCF4876 DSCF4895 DSCF4886Lately I have not had as much time as I would like to be in the garden but today I will finish up my last Etsy order for awhile and then garden time will begin! Like I said in my last post we are still waiting to till up our permanent garden spot but until that is ready we will be working the ground at another spot on our property which these photos above are from. Last week we weeded the few beds we had and admired all the growth our little seeds have made since planting them a month ago. We planted lettuce, beets, carrots, squash, tomatoes (thankfully we have an amazing neighbor who gave us some beautiful tomato starts!) calendula and sunflowers. I recently was told in order for a squash to fruit it has to be pollinated 7 times. So planting flowers around the squash is super important. Also I usually plant lettuce around my onions and then it helps keep the onion bulbs shaded and moist. At this point we still have to bucket all our water over to this little garden plot so I have to remember to keep it small. Okay thats all for now, be back soon! About to finish up my last order and then going to spend the next few weeks completely re-organizing my business. More on that later… Happy Wednesday!