DSCF4908DSCF4918DSCF4919DSCF4924DSCF4927DSCF4922DSCF4930The sky has been grey for the past 2 days. It is the wettest spring I can remember. Our garden spot is too wet to till and we are becoming impatient. We found a dry spot on the property so we decided to begin a little garden there because we could not wait any longer to get the seeds in the ground. Our greenhouse is amazing this time of year. It is flourishing with greens, baby tomato and pepper plants. Taking a Shower is now enjoyable and not a chore like in the wintertime. We heat our cabin only by firewood and these past few weeks we have only had a few fires. The solar heat this little cabin gains each day is incredible. Our life is chaotic, but who's isn't? I just need to slow down, I think we all do. I sometimes have to remind myself to just breathe and enjoy the moment for a second. But with a baby around those moments are rare and I think we are moving faster then ever. Thees grey days make us take care of indoor chores and the spring cleaning is beginning over here. Hopefully this next I can begin purging my closets. I am hoping for a less crazy week then the last… * a few shots from last night in the greenhouse before bathing the little one. Our nightly routine, he loves it so much!