baby chicks and blossoming trees

DSCF4603DSCF4622 DSCF4629 DSCF4637 Life has been extra busy these past few weeks and in the midst of it all one afternoon I impulsively decided to order 35 baby chicks. (10 new layer hens and 25 birds we are raising for meat) We already have a small batch of hens but each year we seem to lose a few to the raccoons. It is always good to have a larger flock then you need. No harm in extra eggs. We have eggs every morning so they are definitely a staple in our diet. Nothing better then a organic, farm-fresh egg. So our new chicks arrived within a week and we were not prepared. I scrambled to setup a make-shift home until they were more ready for the outdoors. After a week of sharing the studio space with them they got the boot and our now living the outdoor life. Of course with their heat lamp and lots of straw. They sure are growing fast and Owynn as you can see loves watching them. I have never raised birds for meat so it should be an interesting process but excited to have a freezer full of free-range, organic chicken meat for the fall ahead. Our big apple tree is blossoming and is such a pretty sight! When you stand underneath it the sound of the buzzing bees busy at work collecting the sweet nectar fill the air. Such a pretty time of year. Lilacs are next and I can't wait!