New Project : Isola Collective

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About 3 years ago a few friends and I opened up a shop in town where we sold our handmade goods and vintage clothing out of it. It went well in the summers but was dead in the winter. Because our little island only gets traffic for those few summer months and then the town shuts down once winter beings. So the shop did not last but it was a great experience and it really made me realize how many talented people I have around me. So this last fall after Owynn was born I began thinking of a way I could get my friends crafts out there and to the wider world to see and enjoy in their homes and daily life. Answer being short and simple, the internet. So for the past couple months I have slowly been making a site for my friends and I to sell our handmade goods at. Isola Collective is now open and ready for the world to see! New items will be added monthly and of course i'll let you know when the shop updates happen. If you have the time please check out the new shop and pass along the shop address to anyone who you think might be interested.

Thanks for all your support!