Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Tomorrow is the first of spring! Yet since our return from Mexico in late febuary we have been seeing the signs of it all around us. But this week in particular it feels as though it has finally arrived. Walks are no longer filled with dark browns, reds and deep yellows. The dormant bushes are finally blooming out there sweet green buds. Spring yellows and pinks are popping up around us too. The wild red current and daffodils are bursting in color. The island is wetter then ever and that is also a sure sign of spring . Spring has arrived and boy am I happy! It may be wet but at least new color and daylight are in abundance. Has spring arrived where you are?

Inspired by Jodi's sweet post on fall essentials I would like to share a few of my favorite spring essentials.

Detox: Which comes in many forms, with all the belongings we have at home as well as for my body. I will spend a few days going through clothes, kitchen supplies, bulk foods ect.. and giving away what we do not use on a daily or at least monthly basis. Also in the subject of detox comes health. All winter I have been starved of fresh greens, finally our green houses are producing just enough greens to get us by until the early garden harvest occurs. ( usually not until may, because the ground is so so wet) Also sprouting alfalfa seeds in a mason jar is a great green this time of year! They are rich in so many vitamins.

Boots: Rain boots, they are a must if you live in the northwest. But there is no other season when you need them more then spring. I splurged and bought myself a new pair of booties this past month. Nothing better then boots that slide on and off with no hands needed.

Light Woolens: Well I no longer need to wear my long johns under my jeans but I still have to wear a light wool sweater under my down coat and always no matter what time of year my wool hat and scarf come along. The wind can pick up pretty quickly around here so they are the perfect small items that provide lots of warmth in this quick changing spring weather.

Lemon: The taste of lemons are so refreshing. Especially in the morning! Sweet and tangy at the same time. I have started having a warm glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice ever morning. It it a digestive aid and helps keep your immunity up!

Calendula Salve: This time of year my hands dry out so quickly after working in the garden or even just washing dishes. It is lovely to always have a fresh batch of homemade salve on hand. Here is a post from a long long time ago of me making some sun salve from our calendula patch. If you do not feel like making any here are some makers that have some nice moisturizers. Here, Here and Here!

Baby wool booties: A few months back I scored a wonderful pair of wool baby booties on sale by a company called Misha and Puff. They never leave the house without us. Perfect layer for the little ones on a blustery spring day.

Happy Spring!

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