DSCF2626 DSCF2580 DSCF2583 DSCF2639 Our bath-house /green-house has become quite the popular spot during these early spring sunny days. It keeps the chilly breeze out but lets in the warmth of the sunshine. Owynn really loves hanging out in there too. He really just prefers to be outside in general so it is a perfect in-between spot for him. Now that the planting season and outside laundry drying season has begun this space is used a lot. I can just put Owynn down with a blanket and tend to my chores while he enjoys the scenery. The dangerous thing is the pebbles, he has already realized how fun they are to put in his little slobbery mouth. So I imagine once he begins crawling there will be no more unattended time in the green-house. But for now it is a sweet spot to spend the afternoon and calm a fussy baby. Do you have any sunny nooks in your home or favorite outside spots? This year I definitely pick walks where the sunshine will be on my face the whole time.


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