the day

fog The photo above is from this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise. We woke early, watched the sky light up into so many pretty shades of purple and pink. Morning time is usually rushed in our home but today we rose early and the morning felt long. I used to wake early but since having Owynn it is so easy to lie and bed and catch all the extra sleep I can.


While Owynn snoozed this afternoon I took photos of new items that will be added to Sparrow later this week. I also snapped a few shots of a couple things I got while in Portland. Pretty twine, washi tape, a vintage shirt, cardigan and lastly fabric! We came across this amazing fabric store on the last day and I could have been in there for hours. The last time I was in a well curated fabric store like this one was in New York City a few years back so it was wonderful to be in one again. Hopefully I will actually follow thru this time and make what I have planed for the fabric. Curtains, a skirt and lining for a new limited edition bag. It was a good day. Hope yours was too!

DSCF1274DSCF1304 DSCF1265DSCF1314