New Plan

DSCF1420DSCF1434owynnnDSCF1438DSCF1445 I have tried to set goals this month on getting my Etsy shop back up an running. I had a week where I worked hard almost every night starting from scratch to get my inventory up for the opening day. But by the end of that week I was exhausted. I was stressed out and not being a good mom to Owynn. I realized at the end of the week that he was not ready and I was not ready to go back to work full time. This was hard for me to admit being that I love my job and have so many new ideas. I was so ready to express them and see them transform from a thought into a object. But our little one will only be so little for a short while longer so I have decided to not push myself.

I need to simplify my goals and set little tasks for each day but not over do it. I still will slowly be building my inventory. Sewing when if feels right and only taking 2 days a week to be set for studio work. Anyway I am writing all this out because I have been making bags for a few people each week that have emailed me putting in a request for a certain bag. It actually is going pretty well so if you are one of those people that has been eyeing one of my bags then please contact me and we can work out a sale. If you would like to see what bags I make then click here and you can view past sold orders and I can pretty much make any of them. So feel free to scan my past orders and if anything jumps out at you send me an email. I will have a better idea on when my Etsy shop will be open with new items at the end of Febuary but for now I will be doing what I can little by little. Thanks for all your support and sweet words these past months.

Best, Lissa

-Photos are from this week around the studio, the light and sunshine have been amazing!