grey days

 Winter Solstice is upon us. The days are quick and the nights are long. We have been quite lucky this fall with lots of sunny days and clear blue skies. But lately its been more of those typical winter grey days. The type of days when it feels like the same time all through out the day. The light never seems to change. The sun is now setting around 4 but soon little by little it will change. Luckily we have a great big wood stove, warm woolens for outside adventures, visitors and the internet for streaming new catchy tunes to help get through theses grey days. The pacific northwest is a special place and grey misty days are just apart of its beauty.

A look back at posts from this time last year.... I've been thinking lots about last winter solstice and how different my life was. So much can happen in a year, pretty amazing to think about.

Photos are from this mornings walk around the property/neighbors. 

P.S if you live in a cold climate and have a little one I highly recommend the LANAcare wool hat. Owynn wears it all the time. I bought a larger size so he can grown into it but it works great. It covers there neck, head and never falls off. The perfect winter baby accessory.