The Flicker

In my group of friends we say if you come across a Flicker it is a good omen. Often you just catch a glimpse of her while flying by in the air. Or you might be lucky enough to come across one of her delicate and brightly colored feathers while on a walk. You savor it and hold on to it safety until bringing it inside and placing in a sacred spot. A few mornings ago as I walked over to the studio I stopped in my path and noticed a whole bird dead on the porch. I immediately knew it was a flicker. It was gorgeous. I stared at her for a long time and then Alex came over and opened her wings. They were stunnning. All there in perfect form with such a bright pink shade. I am sad to say that I think she ran into the window of our studio but it was quite amazing to see this bird close up and to truly admire all her beauty. I hope our building does not cause death to anymore of these magical birds. But for now I will think of finding her as a good omen and a protector for Owynn. 

 Have you come across any beautiful feathers or other wild treasures outside these days? 

P.S My friend Eleanor who I mentioned a few posts back got her vintage site up an running. So head over to Feathers and Finery to see if there is anything that strikes your fancy!