Solstice Eve

We awoke yesterday morning to the ground and trees covered in white! It was a lovely and sweet surprise on the eve of winter solstice. The day was dark and cold day, well fitting for the darkest and longest night of the year. We went for a walk in the early morning and I snapped these shots.  Then we hung out inside the studio with the fire blazing and the sewing machine humming. I made a backpack for my friend who will be using it on her adventure to Hawaii next month. Owynn sat at the window and watched the snow fall he was totally captivated. It was pretty cute. I love the snow and wish it fell more often on our little island. When the snow blankets the earth it brings so much beauty! Do you get snow where you live?

Happy Winter Solstice! 

My friend Milla who lives down the road also posted on her blog some photos from the big snow. So stop by if you wanna see some more pretty snow shots!