So long August...

August nearly gone, a summer that quickly passed this time around. I am so ready for Fall and all the beauty is brings. I can already feel the change of the seasons even though the fall equinox is not for a few more weeks. Nights are getting darker earlier. The orange, red and brown hues are ever so present on my morning and evening walks. I love fall clothing as well, the colors, layers and woolen sweaters. I cant wait to start wearing leather boots again too! I love this time of year, it always feels like September is its own season much like March in the spring. They mark the time of transition and always create a clearer mind for me. Our little one is doing great, check ups have been going well so we are back on track. Just waiting patiently until he decides to come into our world. 3 weeks until the due date (there has been much confusion about it, but I think we figured out it is the 15th)... anyway I made an apple pie yesterday in my midst of craving sweets with apples from an old apple tree on our neighbors land. They are not the best apples for fresh eating but tasted so good baked in a cinnamon, lemon and apple pie. Hope you too are enjoying your last days of August! 

 P. S thanks for all the support on my last post, so many kind comments!