This summer has been a bit overwhelming and intense for me and many that I love. Many good changes but some challenges as well. About 10 days ago my midwife called and explained she was worried about our babies growth. So I was scheduled to get a ultrasound to check him out. We headed over to another island to the local hospital to get him looked at. Of course the 3 days of waiting to go was terrible and my mind was going crazy. Then we had to wait 2 days to get the results which showed small baby for age, issues with the placenta and low amniotic fluid. Well if you google any of this the results are a bit scary. So once again I flew into panic and laid low for 3 days. Drinking tons of fluids, resting and eating more protein more frequently. I then went in for another ultrasound this week to get him looked at again at a hospital off island to get more information and to talk to a specialist. It showed a bit better situation and not as much worry came out of it. But still we are confused about the while thing. We have been told so much by so many people that we are having a hard time navigating through it. But I go in again early next week to get more tests and I am sure we will have a whole new plan but I think just being closely monitored each week is key for our little guy and hoping he can stay in for a few more weeks to gain another pound before he comes into our world. Each of us have a birth story and this is the begging of his. Being that this is my first pregnancy it is all a bit more confusing because it is all so new to me. But there truly is nothing worse then hearing someone say, something is wrong with your babe. But I am feeling very positive about the situation and this it was just his way of saying slow down and turn inward cause "I am coming soon." Just 3 weeks until his due date and we are so excited to meet him! 

-I made a new curtain to create a little more privacy in our little cabin.
-Me in the mirror, 36.5 weeks pregnant.  
-Washing, washing and more washing of  the baby's clothes, swaddles and diapers. The nesting instinct as arrived.