still here

August is half way gone. About 4 weeks to go until my due date. So much unknown in the air. Lots of changes in my body and mind these past few weeks. Nights are hard, tossing and turning and lots of belly movement. Little kicks here and there reminding me to stay present and to stand up straight. I feel like the best word to describe life at the moment is "whirlwind". I still have about a week of sewing and then a new chapter will begin in my work world. I have moved into the studio and completely fallen in love. Such an amazing feeling to have a table tall enough and large enough to fit my fabric bolts on for cutting and such. There is still much to be done but all my supplies are in and the sewing machine is working away in the afternoon. I am going to be a bit quiet in this space for the next week but will be back posting regularly once my work is done! Enjoy these last few weeks of August, treasure those long summer evenings because they disappear so fast. 

- An assortment of photos from the past couple weeks, mostly from around the cabin. That is where I seem to be spending most my time these days.