Aches and Pains

This week has been a strange one, some weeks just never seem to go right. I had planned to dedicate 3 days to sewing but that did not happen. My back, hips and neck decided to flare up this week. So even the most gentle walk was painful. I tried to garden but even that was bothersome. I have struggled with back pain for awhile now but for some reason these past 2 weeks it has been the worst it has ever been. I am thinking the pregnancy is not helping it. Hopefully I can make it to the chiropractor next week. But that means another trip off island. Oh the joys of living on a isolated island. These past few weeks I have wondered how I am going to keep sewing if it brings me pain. I try not to think about it because it makes me sad. But I am sure I will figure out a way. Anyway life is not all bad just a few aches and pains won't stop me from enjoying it. Now back to the yoga mat before breakfast. Enjoy your weekend! Sunshine around here, once the thick fog lifts.