blue skies

Our weekends start on Thursday night, Alex usually works 4 days and then has 3 days to work on projects around here. He is mainly working on the studio these days. It is always nice to have company around the property during the daylight hours. We get to spend all 3 meals together instead of the rushed meals of the work week. I am someone who likes rhythm in my daily life and at the moment I feel like I found one that works. Time alone down on our property is always treasured as well. Solo walks and afternoon teas are enjoyed once Monday rolls around. It was a busy weekend, I planted lettuce and zinnia seeds as well as lots of starts I bought while off island. It was hot though and I had to remember to wear sunscreen, my face is feeling extra sensitive at the moment. We had picnics everyday! Picnic season is finally here, so happy! A few photos from the weekend...Β