A quick trip off island to visit the midwife. Being from a small little island you have to leave it ever now and then to check in with the rest of the world. Once a month since becoming pregnant I have made the trip off the island to visit the midwife. I heard the baby's heart beat again, it was louder and more clear this time. Such a sweet and comforting sound. There is so much unknown in this journey that I would say patience must be practiced while carrying a little being inside of you. 
I visited my favorite nursery along the way and picked up way to many plants. A Lemon tree, jasmine vine, lavender, succulents and even more... It was such a treat to be around so many beautiful plants. I also went to a few thrift stores and scored big time. Mostly for Alex, a thick wool sweater, wool button ups, carhartt pants, a few onesies for the little one and a couple cardigans for myself. It always feels good to run a few errands off island and then head back home accompanied with the peaceful 45 minute ferry boat ride.