Bath House / Green House

 A little tour of our bath and green house. Last week Alex finished closing it in, so now when taking a shower the wind does not whip through. It is such a lovely space, more amazing then I dreamed it would be. I know this spring and summer it is going to used a lot. We still need to figure out what are going to do for the floor but for now the dry ground and fresh straw works well. We even bought a new washer so now our little bath house it fully up and running. Cant believe I own a washer, but it was worth it. It will save time and money in the long run. I wanted to buy a front loader but a bit out of your price range so we got a energy efficient and water saving top loader. This photos make it look so warm and sunny out, but trust me it has been a different story, dark and stormy around here. Just a few bits of sunshine here and there. This blog makes me miss and dream of the summer months. Enjoy the weekend!