Dec 1 // washi tape

Washi tape is just one of those perks for having to wrap up my handmade bags every few days. I have finally found a good routine. With a few simple items like colorful tape, twine and a "thank you" note and then away it goes. So many awesome colors and patterned printed on these little rolls of tape. I order a few ever couple months probably sometimes more often then I should. But the little things in life seem to keep it interesting. Anyway thought I would share a few of my favorite shops that sell washi tape, they might be the perfect thing for wrapping up your holiday gifts. If I lived somewhere that sold them in a brick and mortar shop I would love it! 

Favorite Washi Tape Shop: here, herehere and here 

On another note... 
I awoke this morning with a tired body and mind and said out loud before getting up "I really wish I didn't have to sew today..." I have a large amount of orders and have sewed all week, usually Saturday is my only day off from sewing so I look forward to it. But this week I was supposed to sew anyway.. Well within minutes of getting up my wish came true in the worst way possible. I grabbed a scorching hot cast iron pan which had been baking in the oven ( alex was seasoning it) and I had no idea. It was pretty awful. So I guess next time I better be careful what I wish for. I have spent the day with my hand in a ice cold bucket of water watching Mad Men and trying to at least get some laundry done. Well hopefully it will heal up soon...  

Happy December All! 

p.s Rebekka and Oana both came up with some lovely December Calendars! 
Check them out here and here