Chasing Light

These days are busy, thanksgiving has come and gone and a busy weekend followed of a holiday shop party and craft fair. Now as the holiday orders pile up I must stay on track. But it feels good and exciting to be making things as gifts. A surprise for someone special. I hope my creations spread smiles.  This time of year is filled with early evenings and afternoons chasing the golden light. It only last for a few hours, but it pierces inside with strong bursts slowing moving across the floor. Sometimes I just take a break and lie in the warm sun. These days are also filled with basic clothes, blue jeans and white t-shirts. My mind is not feeling very creative in the clothing department. But soon I know I will be back to more bright tones. Happy Tuesday Friends, so happy to see so much excitement with the giveaway. A great batch of handmade items indeed! 

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