Summer is slowly fading. Life has been wonderful this month and on the 1st I closed down my shop for a month break. I have been trying hard to not think too much about Barnacle Bags but in October I will be back in the studio again and hoping to be open again a few weeks after that. I have struggled these last couple years with balancing home life and work life. I love both so much but this summer really wore me down. So I am ready to start fresh this fall with a new approach to my business. More on that later... 

I think it is a good time of year to look at your life and see what parts of it are not working. For me decluttering, more exercise and deep breathing seem to be what I am working on most this month. I also am hoping to be more present in this space but not sure exactly how I will approach it yet. Lots ahead but mostly I am trying to enjoy this beautiful month we are in. Happy September and be back soon! I hope! 

Warm Wishes, Lissa 

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