These days

These Days 

August is here and well honestly it feels a bit weird. This year summer seems to be racing by and I am feeling a bit torn up about it. The long nights are what I miss most about summer when it slowly fades away and I can already feel the change.   

Deep summer is here. The grass is yellow, the trees are so dry and the ponds are slowly shrinking. These past few days I have slowly been wrapping my head around the idea that deep summer is here. I feel like I have not enjoyed these summer days as much as I had hoped as there is always something to attend to but I have high hopes of treating August and September like how I remember summers being in the past. I am trying to remember to let things go as I know I have all winter when I can deal with them. 

So in order to take some time to enjoy these deep summer days I am sliming down the shop quite a bit starting August 18th. So head over there before then if you get a chance! I will be also working on a new fall/winter collection but also trying to slow down and enjoying these last months of summer. I hope you will too! 

Happy August! 

x Lissa

-Below are some snaps from an overnight trip we did in mid-July, excited for more camping once we get our boat fixed and back in the water. 

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