July is halfway over and it has barely felt like summer here. The grey days and rain have been needed but the long stretches of windy weather have been slightly annoying. I always forget the wind picks up this time of year. There is something rather unsettling about the wind. 

I have been rather distant from this space but not intentionally. I think summer does that but also I just have not felt so inspired to post. The current state in our world seems to be getting me down. I listen to NPR for hours while sewing but this week I have just had to turn off the news and listen to some tunes instead. I want to be aware of these world events near and far but also after a rather sad couple week with the news I just couldn't take it anymore. So instead I have been sending out peaceful thoughts and hoping this world of ours slows downs, begins to appreciate people with all different backgrounds, beliefs and we all practice more love and less hate.

Sending warm wishes your way and hope you are enjoying your summer so far! 

Thanks for reading! 

x Lissa 

*Flowers from my pal Lindsey, who started a flower farming business this year and its been incredible to see all her pretty blooms this month. 

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