So long June!


June brought us grey skies and rain which we so needed but also I was yearning for some dry hot heat so we worked hard and made a little vacation happen for the end of the month to explore east of the cascades.

We swam in lakes & rivers, went for lots of walk in the cottonwoods and just took in all the beauty this special spot has to offer. We traveled mid-week to beat the crowds and generally had a relaxing trip. Owynn has gotten pretty good a car travel. Coming home was hard and wished we had stayed a day longer but we will be back next year and already looking forward to it!

Happy July and hope you have some fun summer adventures planned ahead! For me these trips away really clear my mind and give me lots of inspiration for the months ahead! 

x Lissa 

( A batch of iphone photos from our trip, not the best but forgot the camera at home so these will do! ) 

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