This week

Weeks seem to buzz by this time of year. I often dread Mondays but before I know it the weekend is already quickly approaching. Weekends have really taken a whole new meaning since becoming a mama. They mean family time and also time during the daylight hours when Alex and I get to share spending time with Owynn. 

As March is coming to an end I have been trying to savor these long early spring evenings. There is something really special about them. They much different from the summer nights. The birds are so loud at dusk and the light is always stunning. Evenings are much easier for our whole family this time of year also as outside time is a must for the little one so those long dark winter nights made for some restless times in our small cabin. Yeah for spring!! 

Also this week I hired another gal to help me in the studio. For so long I have been running this business all alone but these past few years I have realized that help is needed especially with a little one in tow. So grateful I finally have some great helpers! 

Happy Weekend All! 

x Lissa 

p.s I will be back on Sunday evening with note on who won the giveaway! Thanks to all who entered so far! If you would like to enter please do so on the original giveaway post.  

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