California pt. 2

Well here is my last batch of photos from our trip to California last month. It only took me 3 weeks to finally get them organized and posted on here. Sorry for the heavy batch of photos but I couldn't chose so this was the best I could do.

Looking back at these photos already makes me dreaming up our next adventure. But remember photos only tell a little bit of the story... On this trip I tended to take photos of the most beautiful things we saw and the happy moments but there were challenging times as well and not so pretty places we visited too. I just sometimes feel like on social media we get a one sided view of someone's life and it is good to remind ourselves that what most of us are showing off are the best parts of our life but to remember we all have hard times too. Okay well happy Tuesday all and hope you are enjoying these first spring days! 

Lissa SnappComment