Deep Winter

As I sit down to write this, the world outside is grey and the north winds are blowing. The little one is napping in the car which I had hoped would happen because napping in a warm car is much better for his cold then napping in the stroller outside which is our usual routine. We just recovered from a week of having a cold and now it is back again. I guess that is life with a kiddo. The sicknesses just keep coming back and back again. 

Winter is here and we just have a mere 6 weeks left of it. But this is the time of year when winter feels like it could drag on forever. Happily the sun does not set until 5 pm now and there are already small signs of spring around. Frogs singing, new birds chirping, little green sprouts in the garden and of course the wetness that is all around which seems to be abundance in the springtime. Rain boots are a must before leaving our home. I find this time of year hard yet promising. I know spring is coming but it feels like not soon enough. I try and take a long walk each day to help remedy the winter blues I am so prone too but that sometimes does not feel like enough. 

We are leaving in a week to head out on our camping adventure. Knowing this is coming has made the weeks go by easier but still these long dark nights seem to really effect me and I know the others around me. The past two trips into town when passing by a fellow islander we say our usual "hello's" the topic of "winter blues" comes up soon after. I did not hear that until this week. I think it is safe to say we are all feeling that longing for the bright green grass and magical spring light that comes with the new season. 

Deep winter is here and I still do not have the solution on how to not feel a little down this month. But here are a few tips: More vitamin D, learn a new craft, bake in the late evenings, take a long bath each night, finding a new podcast, call a pal who lives far away and of course get outside each day it seems to help the most! 

Happy Wintering all! I think spring will be here soon enough and I cannot wait! 

Also here's another mothers winter views, her stunning photos are hard to not get lost in. Oh film I wish I used you more! 

x Lissa 

*Photos above are from a dark afternoon last month when the sun was setting and the light was really beautiful inside our cabin. I felt like it portrayed the winter light rather well. 

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