So long January


In January... 


We bought a skiff off of craigslist and once March arrives we are planning on being out in the water as much as possible. We live in a archipelago with over 200 islands so it makes sense to make time for these ocean adventures. 


We watched the moon go from a tiny sliver to a bright big full moon. Some months I am not as aware of the moon changes as I was this time around but I think that's due to the dark nights and each new change of the moon caught my eye. 


Our little one is growing more and more by the day. He is such a spirited, sweet and strong boy. Always letting us know his likes and dislikes. Looking forwarded to the longer spring nights so we can be outside more at the end of the day. 


I have practically been living in the studio. I have had a busy month with orders and so grateful for this rush! But like I mentioned in my last post February we are taking time off to drive along the west coast and in order to make this happen it has made for a very busy January for both Alex and myself. Sadly most weekends have been spent working but in just a week we will be packing up and all the hard work will pay off. So long January! I cannot believe February is almost here! 

x Lissa 


p.s Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at noon I will be posting a few clothing items for sale and some bag seconds too. They will be posted over here on Instagram. So stop by on Sunday afternoon to see if anything catches your eye!


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