Happy Weekend All!

It was projected to be an extremely windy couple of days here. In preparation for the the storm I did 3 loads of laundry, filled water jugs, replenished our candle supply (in case of an outage), put away our summer tools and other miscellaneous stuff from those warmer days. It made me miss the easy summer living where blankets and chairs can be untouched for months outside. I thought about how I should put the garden to bed but we decided to go for a long walk instead. We walked out along the ocean to watch the storm roll by. It was so pretty watching the dramatic clouds and the dark gray stormy sea below. The colors this time of year are amazing, so muted but so rich at the same time. I highly suggest on these stormy days to get outside when the rain stops cause it changes a mood so much!  

On another note it was great to read everyone's emails and comments regarding my last post. It was fun to see what people like to hear about and definitely inspiring! 

While in the studio each week I listen to music, (I am working on a fall playlist to share here next week) the news but when I cannot take that anymore I switch over to podcasts and really enjoyed this one and this one

Enjoy your weekend and hope you stay cozy out there! 

x Lissa 

p.s for anyone curious Owynn's sweater is from MamaOwl. We bought it last year and still will get another winter or 2 in it! 

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