What do you want to hear?

What do you want to hear? 

Happy October All! Its been a stunningly beautiful month here in the islands and sitting here hopeing it will stay this way for many more months to come but sadly I know it wont. The rain and winter storms actually do not really bother me it is the amount of darkens each day that gets to me. Now that daylight savings is upon us I am feeling a bit nervous like each year but I have to remind myself I aways make it through and a key to making it through is lots of outside time rain or shine!

Before having a child I would hide out on these dark nights in the studio. I would work next to the wood stove and keep myself busy all winter long. Now as a mama life does not allow this, nights seem to take forever but lots of new craft projects and late baths seem to help out!

Today I am actually here not to tell you of my life but to ask you what you want to see for this space? I have been posting on this space for 5 years + and it has transitioned a lot over the years as my life has changed so much from that first post. I used to have a rhythm more or less with this space a nice combination of work and personal snippets that I would share. But this past year the rhythm faded and I have had a hard time figuring out what to share. I have never really intended to share loads about my kiddo but I do go back and forth if I should share some personal clips of my life or only work related posts like studio shots, my work process and life as a maker. I do love capturing these simple moments in my personal life and sharing them here so I am curious what inspires you? 

I do not have much free time these days so I think that's part of my hesitation to post here anymore but I am curious what you would like to see because I would like to keep this space active. So, why do you visit this blog? and if anything what do you find interesting? Please share if you have a free moment. I would love to hear your thoughts and as aways thanks for reading! 

x Lissa 

-A little snippet of the October light in our cabin one evening last week  

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