Friday Notes | Happy Weekend


Friday Notes | Happy Weekend

This week was unlike most. I only worked one day in the studio. We arrived home late Tuesday night and spent Wednesday just trying to get back into adjusting to life at home. We cleaned, did laundry, wished I had bought more groceries on the drive home Tuesday night while off island and napped in the afternoon. Traveling is exhausting and adjustment back to reality can be hard. 

Summer came back this week and as much as I am ready for the fall, the slower pace of life and a quieter island it felt good to feel the hot sun and take a dip in the lake. Weekend plans are quiet. I plan on getting back to speed with home and creating a good routine for these next couple months ahead. 

+ I snapped this shot yesterday evening right after I ventured into the garden and realized I still have loads of flowers needing picking. The distinct feeling that summer is ending soon came over me. 

+ Today I ventured over to Orcas Island to drop off our Volvo wagon to Kyra who just bought it. We stopped in at the local bookstore and came across this beautiful book which I had been meaning to order for awhile now. It was so fun to see it in print and gosh there are so many amazing kids books out there. I never knew how much love I had for kids books until Owynn arrived.

+ I added the Everyday Tote and a new Patterned Zip Pouch to my shop last night. So if you are in the market for a new tote or new accessory pouch stop by and take a look.

Happy Weekend All! 



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