The Week no.2


The Week no.2 

It is Friday! There is not much to report on over here as this week as fully been spent getting our new bedroom finished on our cabin. We are almost about to move in and that is a big deal as we have been living in a small one room cabin for 4 years. 2 of which were with a little one. So now here we go to having our own room with a door and nice wood floors!  

Earlier this week I shipped of a collection of leather totes and day bags to this pretty shop. A new BB stockist. I am really excited to be apart of such a pretty and well curated shop. 

This weekend I am hoping to spend some time going through and doing big deep clean to our cabin. I hope to pass along any items we no longer need. Spring cleaning is big in my life but honestly I need to start the tradition of deep cleaning each season. I believe tucking away winters clothes in the summer is important and vise versa. I still feel like I have not do that yet this year so when we make the big move into our new room I plan to take only what I need this season and fold the rest away in a drawer until needed again. 

Happy Weekending All!


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