Home Sweet Home

As I have heard people say many times before "the best part about leaving is coming home" and I could not agree more! This time of year our property is bursting with so much lushness. Things change rapidly this time of year outside. So 5 days away a lot had happened. Most exciting was coming home to the foxgloves, lupines and calendulas beginning to bloom.

It is always a bit hard transitioning from a travel routine to the daily routine back home. 

Our trip was beautiful and stressful all at the same time. Owynn did terrible in the car and we had to drive a long ways. But also it was amazing watching him explore all the new environments and found out he is a true camping babe. He loved setting up camp each night, throwing sticks on the fires, sleeping under the stars and waking up in the tent.  

Next trip over the mountains we will not move around as much and focus on one area to explore but this trip we needed to visit family along the way so it stretched out the driving by quite a bit. I will be posting more photos of the trip soon! I hope you all had a relaxing long weekend and now as spring comes to a close lets all get ready for the chaos of summer! Yikes! 

x Lissa 


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