I have always loved Sunday's and the mood they bring. No expectations, just a simple day. I remember while in high school it was the day I did laundry, organized my backpack for the week ahead, my mom would bake a sweet treat for the ferry ride to school and then I would finally get done all the homework I had been dreading all week. It was a day for bringing all the chaos of the past week to an end and still is. 

Sunday mornings are slow for our little family, small chores are taken care of, we usually do not drive anywhere and a few hours in the Studio have become apart of Sunday. I like routine and work best with a weekly schedule but each week is so different from the next but Sundays seems to always feel the same and I like that. 

Currently I am planning out the new BB spring collection. It will be small but looking forward to getting the items made, photographed and online for you to view! I have spent the past few hours working on a new zip tote design and will show you soon, a little sneak peak! 

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and happy thoughts in the next week ahead! 


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