Home Sweet Home 

Evenings are getting longer, the frogs are croaking at night, the ground is wet and the cherry trees are blooming. Spring feels like it is right around the corner. Even though we have a good month before the first day of spring these cold dark winter days are a thing of the past. Times of seasonal transition are my favorite. The change is so apparent. Each day you can see the new season getting closer and closer. We can now stay outside until six and then we head indoors to start the fire and get dinner underway… 

This month had big plans and barley any have happened. I had planned a lot more time in the studio but my health has not been good so my work days have been limited. I have barely blogged all month and even considered dropping blogging all together and just using instagram but then I find a night like tonight where I have the time and space and get inspired to shuffle through photos and write a few words. So here I am saying "hello" and glad you are reading and I hope February is treating you well! I am looking forward to more energy and a new month ahead! 

x Lissa 

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