Our three weeks in Mexico went by quickly. We traveled to three towns each quite different from the next. Our days were filled with sweet fresh fruits, swims in the ocean, long meals, spanish jumbled speech, afternoon naps, beers on the beach, coconut pies, tacos galore, baby chasing and strolls around neighborhoods putting the little one to sleep.

I miss those days already, totally worry free, a slower pace of life. Traveling with a child was so much easier then I had thought. Owynn was so easy and we made way more friends having a baby in tow. Everyone greeted us with the biggest smiles on their faces and always quickly tickling Owynn's tummy or squeezing his chubby cheeks upon us exchanging greetings. He was always delighted in the interactions he had with strangers. 

There are times when traveling is rough and you are ready to be home but I did not really feel that way this time around. I think Alex and I were both in need of a vacation and time away from the grey Northwest. It was a very inspiring adventure and now have possible dreams of maybe spending a bit more time down there each year. 

Lissa Snapp7 Comments