We made it home after 3 weeks away traveling around Mexico. It is always bittersweet leaving such a vibrant, warm and friendly place. The transition back to the grey northwest has been a bit challenging as I really fell in love with the ease of life and worry free days while away. Home is beautiful, lush and quiet. The silence back here is the hard part. I am are used to waking up and hearing dogs, chickens, kids, cars, and motorbikes echoing thorough the towns each morning. The hustle and bustle in the small and large towns we visited each morning was an amazing thing. So much activity, life and color all before my eyes with the first step outside each morning. 

We had a wonderful journey, Owynn loved every minute. He was loved so much down there. I miss Mexico and all its craziness but home is home and I know I will settle back into the daily routine quickly. I will be back soon with a post of photos from our trip! I hope you have had a mellow and cozy January! 

Take Care, Lissa 

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