Merry Merry 

                                                                                                 From our walk on Christmas Eve

                                                                                                 From our walk on Christmas Eve

The past week has been quite a chaotic jumble. Lots of travel, yummy food, noisy family time and or course many walks outside for the little one. Christmas was quite exciting this year with Owynn around, it brought back all the christmas magic from my childhood. Owynn received lots of very sweet gifts (this book is amazing given by his uncle) and has been very well loved these past week with so much family around. Christmas is a funny time of year. There is so much pressure and all for one day. I am still digesting how quickly this year is coming to an end. I cannot believe it is almost 2015. I hope you are having a lovely holiday and are able to take a rest and relax until after the new year! Enjoy! 

Warmest Wishes, Lissa 

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