Winter Solstice 

Well we made it to the longest night of the year! From now on little by little our days will slowly be getting more and more daylight hours. Once February rolls around I really begin to notice the shift.

This Fall has seriously flown by. For me It has fully been about Barnacle Bags which I really have enjoyed but Iv'e left lots of other parts of my life out. I was working about 5 days a week, only 3-4 hours a day but still it was hard to keep up with anything else once my time in the studio was over. Being a mom, owning a business is hard work and I am still trying to find my groove without leaving too much out. I am hoping to come back from my break at the end of January with a clearer mind and new routine for my business. 

Holiday orders are all done and now it is time to focus on whats around me! Family, meals and presents to be made and to enjoy the outdoors with my little one! I hope you have a merry holiday and enjoy this long, dark winter solstice night! Thanks as always for reading! 

x Lissa 

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