A New Space 

Welcome to the new Barnacle Site! I've slowly have been working on it when time allows and it finally went live this week. I have been having trouble with my blog as you may have noticed an absence in my postings but now I am pretty sure it is fixed. I hope! If not please let me know. I moved my website over to sqaure-space as it allowed me to easily have a shop connected to the rest of my site. I am looking forward to getting to know it more and will probably be re-araging the site around a bit more in the next couple months but for now here it is and curious what you think? It is not super original as with square-sapce it does not allow for that much editing of the design but everything is in one space now and that is what matters. Thanks for hanging in there during this quiet blogging time and hoping to get back to more regular blogging this week. I miss it! Also I will be doing a little giveaway this next week too in celebration of a new space and for my gratitude to you readers and barnacle bag owners!  


Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! We are already enjoying ours so much! 

The Barnacle Bags shop will be re-stocked and open again this Sunday, October 26th! 

If you missed any past blog posts due to my computer issues... please click here and scroll down to view the ones you missed. 

Also I did a little Sparrow Clothing Sale update awhile back and have a few things left...

x Lissa 

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