October Begins 

A new month ahead packed with so many ideas and changes for the studio. I am slowly trying to get my shop back up to its fully stocked self but we will see when that happens. I am waiting on a big fabric order so that is slowing work down a bit but I am hoping it will arrive by the middle of the month. I plan on re-organizing my studio and photos will soon follow once that happens. Also we are taking a week off in the middle of October to do a little road trip down south to Oregon before the weather turns really bad. I am looking forward to the new month ahead and all it has planned. I like busy schedule and seem to thrive best on them. Any fun plans for your month ahead? Other makers how do you go about getting ready for the winter rush? I might write a little post on my tips in the next couple weeks. Thats all for now and Happy October!

p.s A quick favor… Take a glance at photo no.2, I am trying to decide on which strap style to use for my simple waxed canvas tote. Any thoughts?