The Rain Is Back 

The weekend is ending in just a few short hours. Alex will head back to work and I will begin my mis-mash filled days of working a couple hours here and there when Owynn is being looked after by friends and family. I needed this weekend so bad and think it was mostly because of the rain we had last week. It made my days much harder and longer then usual. Owynn is an outside babe and always has been. But with the ground soaking wet and the sky dark with rain clouds the outside freedom was cut off for the little guy. We took walks even in the rain showers but still it was not like those sunny days we have grown so used to.

Even though I complain about the rain it felt good to have a week of rain. I finally felt like I was home again after a long trip away. Our island totally transforms over the summer and once the rain begins and grey days move in for good it goes back to its natural quiet state. Nobody on the walking trails, nobody in line for coffee in town and so on… you get the point it gets really quiet around here and is that way for the better part of the year. I am used to the grey weather as we all are in the Northwest but when the sun shines it feels so wonderful you cannot help but run outside. This weekend it did just that! Sunshine for the whole weekend and it felt so good. I hope you had a good weekend and now I am sad to say it is almost over… but the great thing is it will be back soon!

-Our home / bath house shining in the evening light this weekend

-The cutest most prolific flowers in the garden + my comfy black birks

-The sunflowers have been amazing this year /my favorite spot to visit when in the garden.