August 1st


Just 5 short days and my little monkey is 11 months. I say this time and time again but dang time moves fast. August you are here and I have lots of plans for you. It is a new month so this is often a time when I set new goals. A big list is in the making… a few personals items off the never-ending list of ideas/goals for August:

Sleep outside

Spend more time in the kitchen - learn to bake bread good for the winter

Wear more dresses before the winter air moves in

Swim in the sea whenever I feel like I need some rejuvenation, it has been almost daily this past week

The list for Barnacle Bags is too long to post but it goes a something like this:

Make leather salve to send along with orders

Work on keeping up on the inventory of my materials

Oil my sewing machines more often

Take photos for the Fall Collection

Organize my hardware | rivets, snaps, tools are all mixed up

But Our garden is flourishing ! It is so lush and quite productive at the moment. We have sweet carrots, ginormous beets, fragrant basil and heaps of greens. Meals often consist of being almost entirely local this time of year. Abundance would be the word for this month in my mind. I truly am forever grateful for where I live and how lush and prolific everyones gardens are! These Islands are made for the summer months. I just wish I could capture this sun and safe it for a rainy grey day in the winter… 


Happy August!

- Photos are from a night in the garden, taking in all its beauty.