Photos by Rebecca Caridad

2014-05-15_0017 A few months ago I meet Rebecca in person after following her blog for a few years. We connected thru Etsy and I often asked her for advice on small things about selling work online and such. She was always so friendly and helpful. This last year she closed down her Etsy shop where she sold crotched goods and became a freelance photographer. She shots the most beautiful photos, with everything from weddings, births to the most amazing travel images. I really love the look of her photos and its quite amazing what she has accomplished in this last year with the success of her bussiness. Quite a talented lady I would say!  Rebecca and her husband Dustin stayed with us one night a few months back while they were traveling through the Pacific Northwest. It was a treat to meet them and hope we can connect again in the future! She posted some beautiful images of her stay with us on her blog and thought I would share them. Also be sure to check out her awesome website and blog. It is filled with so many great images! Thanks Rebecca for the sweet images! I love the black &white image of Owynn so much!

2014-05-15_0018 2014-05-15_0019 2014-05-15_0020 2014-05-15_0022 2014-05-15_0023 2014-05-15_0024 2014-05-15_0026 2014-05-15_0027 2014-05-15_0028

P.s Rebecca and Dustin eloped a couple years back and its worth checking out the photos. It is pretty darn sweet!

*All photos above are photographed by Rebecca Caridad minus the last shot which Dustin took.