still here

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( Not crawling yet, but loves to talk, move all his little limbs at once and scoot around on his bum all day.)

I am here and there and everywhere… well actually I have mostly been at home but my mind feels distracted and not able to keep track of my thoughts each day so I feel like I've been away from my normal routine. I think it might have to do with the craziness this time of year brings, running a business alone and also being a new mom. My mind is still adjusting to having a little one around and trying to figure out how to share space with my thoughts on my business with my home life is difficult. But it will get easier I am sure. I bought a new sewing machine today which I have been trying to do for a year now! It will arrive in 3 weeks and then I hope to open up Barnacle Bags soon after. This hiatus has been a little less productive then planned but that is just how life is at the moment. I will be opening up shop around June 20th, with a collection of new items and some of my most past popular bags. It will be a smaller shop but with each new season I will be adding new designs, colors ect… I think keeping my shop fresh is key to keeping my creative energy going and really looking forward to getting Barnacle Bags up and open again soon! I also have felt a bit absent from my blogging routine, so I might not be posting as often but will be back sooner rather then later. Thanks again for reading and hope you are having a lovely end of spring!

P.s I am going to be posting a few past style bags for sale on my blog this weekend so check back in to see if any strike your fancy! Oh and also I have a wool Cowichan sweater I am selling on Ebay. They are the best sweaters ever!