no more daily routines

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Each day seems to be a little different from the next. I can't seem to find my daily routine since Owynns been born. I think we are teaching him to just go with the flow. As long as he gets his three naps in a day we are good. He can pretty much snooze anywhere as long we we have his stroller, or backpack carrier along. But we are home a lot and each new day brings a whole new wave of goals and tasks. I used to write a list most evenings for the next days agenda but those lists are now a thing of the past. It all really depends on Owynns mood and who is coming by for a visit that now help shape our days. We have little rituals each day like 3 meals a day were we sit together and teach Owynn about the world of flavors, time alone for him to play with his basket of toys and nighttime baths that calm him before his sleep. But those little rituals often get delayed thought the day as well. At some point I will seek out and get my daily routine back again but for now we are going with the flow and letting things happen as they come. Each day is new and plans change often around here.

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~ A batch of wild daisies I picked along the side of the road a few afternoons back while driving home from town. Owynn loved them too! I think wild daisies are my favorite flower. There is something so simple and sweet about them!